Providence Academy 9/11 Memorial Event

  • William Reschenberg, Grace Baird and Craig Vana
  • Claire Klassen
  • Mary Francis Walker and Steph Lanterman
  • Sofia Holmes, Amaryllis Hennessy and Sara Fehresti
  • Noah Balfour, Avery Minor, and Damien Hester
  • William Nguyen and Grace Harrington
  • Chase Millerbernd
  • Katherine Murphy and Clare Delmore
  • Caleb Masi, Anika Austvold and Chase Millerbernd
  • Kasia Beeler, Taylor Winegarner and Cecilia Carron
  • Alli Lee
  • Jackson Baird, Jack Hillen, Mark Richelsen, Gavin Blomberg, and Clay Gardner