IOCP’s Greatest Sleepout Events

  • Jill Kohler, LaDonna Hoy, Jeannie and Shala Buckner, Elizabeth Guest, and Laura Snodgrass
  • Anthony Esposito, Johnny Garcia, Brynn Noble, Emma Burke, Sara Aadalen and Sophie Heyer
  • Tanya Williams, and Rene and Annika Moen
  • Fred Hegele, Pam MacDonald, Bob Fisher, Julie Faxvog and Nancy Holden
  • Alison and Bobby Ebert
  • Wayne Iskra, Alexa Sornsen, Lindsey Langton and Barb Christensen
  • Jessica Markkula with children William and Jessica
  • Ndefru Formuluh, Dave Kearin, Mackenzie Mendez and Tom McLaughlin
  • Ben, Olivia , Benjo and Steph Johnson at the Give to the Max Day rally.