How To Pick Out a Valentine’s Day Color Palette

Barbiecore Accessories

Relationship statuses come in all different shades. This February 14, express yourself with a Valentine’s Day outfit that pulls inspiration from across the color wheel.

Instead of diving in feet first, perhaps take a step back and let your Valentine’s Day style lure your special someone in slowly, with a peak of white lace under that work blazer or cardi sweater. You have that lace cami from years ago—pull it out, and use it as your base layer instead of your thermals. If you already got rid of your lace cami, you’re in luck: This wardrobe staple is making a comeback in 2023.

The Barbie movie is set to release this summer, and the trailer has already set social feeds a flutter with the resurgence of “Barbiecore.” In case you didn’t catch it the first time around, Barbiecore is super straightforward: think pink, top and bottom. It doesn’t even have to be the same color pink—just make sure you keep it in the same pink tone to mix and match this monochromatic look.

Looking for that joyful sunny disposition that we all crave around this time of year? Try adding Empire Yellow (Pantone 14-0756), an effulgent hue that will brighten anyone’s day. According to Pantone, this exact shade is one of the biggest fashion trends of the spring season. Add a pop of yellow to the on-trend Barbiecore pink set, (think pink sweater and yellow jacket), and you will be the trend-setter of the spring season.

You can’t go wrong with wearing red. Red is known to get the heart pumping, so wear this color for a special effect. Try stepping things up with a red dress and red lipstick. The color is classic and always on trend—especially this season—so just go for it. You’ll be stunning!

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