Best of Plymouth 2015

  • Michelle Ness, Lisa Jacobson, Lynne Osterman and Toni Hults
  • Beckie Skelton and Mayor Shep Harris
  • Tom and Patti Tannuzzo, and Sherry Tyrrell
  • Marjorie Johnson
  • Liz and Jim Adams
  • Jane Hagstrom, and Peter and Cheryl Zbaracki
  • John Vento, Sherry Tyrrell, David Boone, Mike Herring, Aldo Sicoli, Helen Bassett, Patsy Green and Tom Walsh
  • Megan Jackson and Heather Bates
  • Jeff Wock and Nick Wegleitner
  • Paul and Nicole Buske, and Christine and Scott Smith
  • The Simonson’s Salon team
  • Joey Larson and Jayne Morrison
  • Sharon Millett and Shelli Bakken
  • DeAnn Larson, Jamie Lawless and Sara Klimek
  • Kasia Ries, Wesley Welshams, Goska Colbert, Tyler Conrad and Judith Diaz
  • Lisa Dalager and Kelsey Schwartz